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Back Piece Tattoo

By Max.C

Release date: 2009
Language: Japanese\English
Pages: 160
Published by: FUJIMI publishing co

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- FUJIMI Publishing co Official website

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Back Piece Tattoo

Do you have a tattoo or maybe multiple or just looking for inspiration?

Do you have a tattoo or maybe multiple or just looking for inspiration? Well, you found your book! Get ready to view a beautifully illustrated collection of tattoos from the masters of this world.

The book
You are looking at a 160 pages full color book. The book subject: back piece tattoos and there is a lot of them in this book. Per page, you will find around 10 to 12 images of back piece tattoos, multiply that by around 150 pages, and it should give you a pretty good idea of the size of the collection. The book is divided in 18 chapters, the chapters vary depending on the different art style of the tattoo. (Dragon, fish, samurai ect.)

The Art
''Impressive'' was the first word that came to mind when I first saw the book in a library in Florence, Italy. At this instant, I knew I had to buy it, for its art, its inspiration, and to be able to show it to you all! Still wondering what a back piece tattoo is? A back piece tattoo is a tattoo that covers the entire back of a person(color, black and white, etc.). You can take for example the yakuza tattoo. (You might have seen in movies or books/magazines.) Like we've mentioned before, the book contains 18 chapters, each of those containing a different theme. Every art is sided by the name of the artist or the studio (some are written in Japanese). The art goes from traditional Japanese art to funky graph style and bursting with colors! Here's a sample of artists/studios to give you an example.

Some of the artists/studios:  
Horiyoshi III 
Horykyo family Horiyuu 
Cang long tattoo 
jesse smith 

In the end..
This book was totally worth a purchase. It contains so much art and style it's not even a question. Now I can hear: what if I don’t have tattoos, or I don’t like tattoos, well if you buy this book it is for its art and nothing else. The collection of work is simply outstanding.. This book gets the SLIXART seal of approval. This is a solid purchase.

How to get the book?
As mentioned before, we found the book in Florence Italy about 6 months ago and there was one left. Your best bet is the web, some tattoo art sites seem to be selling them or you can maybe try to order one trough your book store.

Warning the following images contains nudity

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