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The Art of return of the jedi

By: Max.C

Release date: First edition: 1983 
First revised edition: 1997 ( review ) 
Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Pages: 172

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LucasFilm official site 

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The Art of return of the jedi

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

The Art of return of the jedi

The force is strong with this one 

The fantastic universe of Star Wars is filled with many characters, spaceships and planets that many of us have been familiar with for a while now. For artists and fans, this universe is a world full of inspiration and ideas that could even lead to the creation of their own characters and universe. 

Are you asking yourself why are we reviewing the art of Return of the Jedi, a book that was released in 1997? 

Well, one night while looking into our pile of art books and deciding which one would be our next review, we discovered this one at the bottom of the pile, and as soon as we picked it up the golden logo of Star Wars shined into our eyes. We opened the book and went through the different pages of character design and concept art. Right away we knew this book needed to be shown to the artist anmd viewers of, despite the fact that it’s more than 10 years old. 

The book
As mentioned above, the book is a collection of concept art, character design, blue print (yes blue prints so you can build your own Tie fighter) and a couple of photos. The book also includes the full script of the entire movie Return of the Jedi. 

The book includes 172 pages and commentaries on some of the art concept that are quite interesting to read.

The Art
The book is all about art, if you’re a concept artist or a character designer or working on your next sci-fi project, this is a book for you. It includes almost every creature/ character seen in Return of the Jedi, from Jabba to Yoda to the bounty hunters, the multiple design for the monster called the Rancor, the Ewoks, the imperial guard and the list goes on. 

Another excellent feature of the book are the blue prints. For artists interested in mechanical unit design those are great help and can show you a glimpse on how the AT-ST Walker was drawn, for example. The art is not divided by chapters but by movie events: if you want to see the concept for the final fight for example, you would need to go to the last pages of the book. To finish the book contains a special chapter about the art of the special edition.

In the end
The book is a must buy for every artist looking to for inspiration. It contains many different types of art and unit design that should satisfy every artist. If you hate Star Wars with a passion and cannot stand the beautiful universe surrounding the movie then maybe you should skip on this one...

How to get the book 
Your best bet would probably be E Bay or online library. We have recently done some research and found 3 of them on E Bay from 10 to 20$. 

Be the force be with you..

10  |  10   –  Outstanding
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