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Gothic Art Now

By Bryan Liquornik

Release date: 2008
Language: English
Pages: 192
Published by: Collins | Design

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Gothic Art Now

Welcome to the Dark Side: “Gothic Art Now” Delivers Chills and Great Work

Although dusting off that Batman costume one more time Halloween might (and should) not be an option, checking out some incredible dark concept art from some of the industry’s top names should top your list. Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s “Gothic Art Now” compilation should be where your search begins and ends. 

The hardcover book is 192 pages, and includes a great foreword by artist and author Brom (Dungeons and Dragons, Doom). Among some notable contributions are the rich color schemed work of Christian Alzmann ( VFX Art Director of Terminator 4, and the detailed charcoal and pencil pieces of Laurie Lipton ( The book is divided into different dark themes and includes a number of styles. A couple of personal favorites are the use of photography and digital editing in the “Femme Fatales” section and some impressively vivid sculptures in “Creepy Creations”.

What really makes this book great is that each image includes a brief description, a website where you can find more of the artist’s work as well as a comment by the artist about their inspiration for the piece. That really made for a unique experience.

Overall, “Gothic Art Now” will appeal both to Goth Art aficionados along with those curious for a glimpse. For those who are brave enough to take the leap, they’ll see that it’s always better to do it in the dark.

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