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Flamboyant Art Book

By: Max.C

Release date: 2008
Language: Japanese
Publisher: Digital Manga Publishing
Pages: 128

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Brett Parson

Brett Parson

Born and raised in the backwoods of Massachusetts, Brett Parson has spent the better part of the past decade drinking beer, watching movies, and working as a freelance cartoonist. Combining his love of drawing cute girls, deformed monsters, and sleazy superheroes to create an over the top cartoon world, that reflects the cult films, comic books, posters, and Saturday morning cartoons he grew up with.

Flamboyant Art Book

A stunning array of characters in diverse poses, action sequences, with unusual costumes and sometimes in some very ...

Flamboyant Art Book

Released back in 2008, Flamboyant features the work of the talented Ugetsu Hakua, mostly known for his work on Burst Angel, the animated series. The book features a walk through into his colorful and stunning world.

In the first pages of this book, you will find work on the Burst Angel series, mostly poster/dvd cover art in full color. If you expected to see giant robot art, you’ll be sad to hear that the book focuses mainly on character designs from his various universes. Also, while on the subject of character design, the book features a stunning array of characters in diverse poses, action sequences, with unusual costumes and sometimes in some very sexy poses... 

The second part of the book features numerous sketches (one of our favorite parts) done by the artist. The sketches shows some of the process used to create a character in different poses, which is very interesting. This part is actually very good for artists wanting to practice character poses and body structure.

The last part of the book covers numerous illustrations from different universes such as the Bionic Woman, school delinquents, robot warriors and some fantasy star illustrations that were more than welcomed... So much that we wished we could have seen more of it.

Overall the book is a great addition to any anime/manga fan or artist wanting to know more about the artist. The book features some stunning and fresh illustrations from the Ugetsu collection. However, if you are looking for realistic character work or more variety than character images then this book might not be for you.

8  |  10   –  Great
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