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LMS: Last man standing

By Max.C

Release date: 2011
Language: English
Publisher: Heavy Metal Publishing
Pages: 220

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Mauricio Herrera

Mauricio Herrera

Mauricio Herrera was born in 1975 in La Serena, northern Chile. He has been working as an illustrator since the age of 19.
He began publishing work for Visual Editions, creating Diablo, the first comic book in Chile to use computer coloring. 

LMS: Last man standing

Review of the Last Man Standing: Kill Book Of A Bounty Hunter.

LMS: Last man standing

Here it is, after years of hard work and anticipation, 

the masterpiece from the great Dan Luvisi has finally arrived. Was it worth the wait? Is it as ground-breaking as everyone expected it to be? Let’s find out! 

First and foremost, what a surprise we had upon opening the shipping box. This book is massive. And by massive we mean really impressive in terms of size, weight and content. This is not your average art book coming through mail and transported by the friendly mailman. No, this is the kind of book that the mailman can't wait to deliver before his shoulder breaks loose. But enough about the size of the book, let get to the real deal here: the content!

Last Man Standing: Kill Book Of A Bounty Hunter is a 220 page adventure into the futuristic universe created by Dan Luvisi. This universe is the background for the story of a super soldier named Gabriel, who was wrongly framed for multiple murders and jailed in the toughest prison around. As the story unfolds, we learn that the villains responsible for the fall of Gabriel are an affiliation of super soldiers known as Pandemonium and controlled by its devious leader, Dante (a true bad ass, complete with cool tattoos). 
We won't get into too much detail about the story so as not to spoil it for any of you.  

Now you’re probably asking yourself how an art book can include such a massive story. Well let me explain the concept behind LMS. The book is presented as the personal journal of Gabriel, a bounty hunter and hero of the story. Explained throughout the pages are the background of Gabriel and his mission ahead (people to kill). The main highlights are the multiple files about the different factions of characters: the good, the bad and the purely psychotic. Each character file includes a bio page, a large illustration, kill card (character stats), perk card (skills), the wanted file, what Gabriel thinks of them (we love this) and usually a witty publicity related to the character. The book is full of highly entertaining stuff to read, like how the Gun Baton and other weapons work and is full of fictional product jingles such as ‘The ‘Painsaw’: Cut the Bull Sh*t’ and ‘Nutt Charger: Energy Drink’. Cool notes like these ones can be found all over the book. 


So what you might be thinking now is alright, sweet concept, but how's the art? Well, simply put, the art purely rocks. The character design is stunning and original. The amount of detail in each illustration is simply jaw dropping. The use of color and effect to bring the characters to life are very well done and the back story added to every one of them just makes it complete. Dan went all out when creating this book, and we can feel it when going through the multiple pages. We can feel the hard work that was put when creating the LMS graphic novel. 

The only thing we of would have like to see, if we dare to say is...more character illustrations. Possibly a sketch chapter drawn by Gabriel? It could have been a nice added feature. Hey, we just can't get enough of Dan’s universe, what can we say? 

In conclusion, is the book worth it? This book is a must buy for every art enthusiast, sci-fi junkie and art collector. It is a must have and should be part of every artist’s book collection. The hard work and dedication displayed by Dan Luvisi while making this piece of art is sure to boost anyone’s inspiration in overdrive. So as if you hadn’t gotten it by now, we strongly recommend this book. 

Did we tell you about Armtech and Gyzmo? Guess you'll have to get the book to find out...

10  |  10   –  Outstanding
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