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Predator Jungle Hunter

By: Megan Sawtelle

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Loopy Dave

Loopy Dave

Loopydave likes to draw and paint - its both his chosen profession as a freelance illustrator and also his hobby as one of those kooky creative types. 

Predator Jungle Hunter

You don’t have time to bleed

Predator Jungle Hunter

Attention Predator fans!

Alright you action addicts, prepare to launch your sci-fi enthusiasm to the max!  An amazing limited edition collectible of the Predator Jungle Hunter has been discovered that’s so amazingly creepy it’d make Arnold Schwarzenegger run the other way!

This maquette collectible, produced by Sideshow Collectibles, is certainly a work of art. A collaborative piece done by twelve different artists, and the Sideshow Design & Development team, it’s a worthy addition to any Predator-obsessed action enthusiast’s shelf.

This collectible is a towering 27.5” tall, 15” wide and 14” long. You better reinforce your shelf though, it’s a whopping 20 lbs! The artistic measures taken to craft the armor include a marvelous polyresin, partnered with fabric accents to make the armor come alive. The price to capture this Predator: $1,249.99!

We mentioned that this was a limited-edition collectible. What makes it limited edition?  To start, only 600 of these powerful figures were made. The second, and the best reason why is what the figure holds in its left hand. To add to the true Predator nature, hunting for sport, this figure carries a trophy of its latest catch; a bloody skull with the spinal cord still attached!

Does all this talk of Predator figures get your blood pumping? Curious on how you can bring this limited edition Predator Jungle Hunter home? Jump on over to the Sideshow website ( and search “Predator Collectibles”. 

Just remember, ”You don’t have time to bleed”, so hurry over to SideShow and reserve one of the 600 figures today!

Additional information:

Expected to Ship
Nov 2017 - Jan 2018

Product Size
27.5" H (698.5mm) x 15" W (381mm) x 14" L (355.6mm)*

Product Weight
20.00 lbs (9.07 kg)*

Dimensional Weight

Int'l Dim. Weight



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