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Link on The King of Red Lions

By Max.C

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Bryan Baugh

Bryan Baugh

Link on The King of Red Lions

Get those wallets out!

Link on The King of Red Lions

Zelda the wind waker collectibles are far and rare between and for those who have been craving a premium Link collectible figure have been left in the dust. First 4 Figures is surfing to the rescue with a very, very solid premium statue of link on the king of red lions. For those unfamiliar with the king of red lions, the king is the interactive and friendly boat Link uses to travel the seas in quest for treasure in the dozens of islands available to explore in Nintendo exclusive Gamecube/Wiiu game: Zelda the Wind Waker.

Link on The King of Red Lion statue stands at 25Inches tall, making it a hard contender for shelf place! The special edition comes with a special LED system that replicated waves. The statues is set for release Q2 of 2017 and the base edition will go for 449$ and special edition 479.99$, both in US dollar.

Get those wallets out and clear your shelves, The King of Red Lions has arrived!


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