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Digital Art Masters Vol.7

By Max.C
Release date: Jun 7 2011
Language: English
Hardback 288 pages
Price: 30$+

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Serge Birault
Brad Rigney

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Digital Art Masters Vol.7

Book Preview

Digital Art Masters Vol.7

Coming up next month on the 11th of June 2012, inspiration will flow, techniques will be uncovered and masters will unite to introduce 3D Total’s newest offering, Digital Art Masters: Volume 7.

3D Total Publishing’s critically acclaimed series has announced its return for a 7th year. On board are 50 artists from the four corners of the world, each equipped with their finest work and brilliant knowledge. The book will feature 288 pages of art work and techniques for both beginners and professionals looking for that extra spark of inspiration.

So far Digital Art Masters: Volume 7 is setting out to be the sharpest in the series and will undoubtedly be a solid addition to any artist's collection.

The book is now available for pre-order on and the first 200 pre-orders will receive a pack of Digital Art Masters: Volume 7 playing cards! 

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