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Impressions: The Digital Art of Marta Nael

By Bryan Liquornik

Release date: Aug 9 2011
Language: English and Spanish
Hardcover with dust jacket.
Pages: 128

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Impressions: The Digital Art of Marta Nael

Life is but a dream: Marta Nael’s ‘Impressions’ Released

Impressions: The Digital Art of Marta Nael

It’s often said that art imitates life. But what happens when both weave together in a colourful combustion of colours and streams of light? That would aptly describe the pages contained in Marta Nael’s debut illustration book, ‘Impressions: The Digital Art of Marta Nael’. 

Using her self-described ‘Digital impressionism’ technique, each landscape and character featured in Nael’s debut collection promises to beckon you into a dream world pleasing both to eye and imagination.

As a bonus for any reader curious about her unique craft, Nael also gives a glimpse into her craft with her detailed step-by-step tutorials. Impressions: The digital Art of Marta Nael is now available to order and ready to ship to anyone looking for some solid inspiration.


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