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D'artiste: Character Design

By Max.C

Release date: Jun 7 2011
Language: English
Pages: 208 pages (Slipcased) / 208 pages (Limited Edition))
Slip Cased: 75.00$
Limited Edition: 170.00$

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D'artiste: Character Design

Artbook Preview

D'artiste: Character Design

Ballistic Publishing is getting ready to unleash their new book ''D'artiste: Character Design'' . Following the previous book in the serie, d'artiste introduces the work of some of the best talented artists in the industry. Focusing on character design, the book features multiple tutorials on how to create your character with useful tips and tricks.

The book contains 208 pages of stunning work and is listed at 75$ for the Slip Case edition and 170$ for the limited edition. The first 200 buyers will receive an exclusive A3 poster from Gonzalo Ordoñez. The pre-Order are now open.

As seen on Ballistic publishing:
d'artiste: Character Design provides a Master Class in character design from talented artists working in game, TV and collectables. Each Master Artist shares their techniques and approaches for creating compelling characters through their insights and detailed graphic tutorials. 

The 208-page book features a wide range of character styles from fantasy, to game and manga-inspired creations. Kekai Kotaki shows you how he creates characters for ArenaNet's ‘Guild Wars’ RPG along with 36 character designs from the game. Anne Pogoda shows you how to create character variations and how to rescue characters that aren't working. Gonzalo Ordoñez shows you how to create fantasy and manga-inspired characters drawing on his inspired work on trading card franchises like ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Legend of the Five Rings’..

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