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Expose 9

By Bryan Liquornik

Release date: Aug 9 2011
Language: English
Pages: 256 (LE) / 240 (HC/SC)
Soft Cover: 69$
Hard Cover: 79.00$
Limited Edition:  170.00$

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Artist Showcase
Loopy Dave

Loopy Dave

Loopydave likes to draw and paint - its both his chosen profession as a freelance illustrator and also his hobby as one of those kooky creative types. 

Expose 9

Excellence rarely rests: Ballistic Unveils Expose 9

Expose 9

Long the gold standard of art books, Ballistic looks poised to raise the bar once again with Expose 9. Drawing from a pool of hundreds of suitors throughout the art world, Expose 9 has compiled the very best from genres ranging from abstract and design to robotic/cyborg. The result: A collection of a book-busting 444 high resolution pieces, with each image on semi-gloss paper. Fan and artists are sure to embrace Expose 9 as part of their collection.
Top Artwork By: Kekai Kotaki

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