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Exotique 6

By Bryan Liquornik

Release date: 2010
Language: English 
Pages: 208
Hard Cover: 59$
Special edition: 115$

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Zombie Tramp

Zombie Tramp

The story is about Janey Belle, the hottest, high priced, call girl in Hollywood... that is until her Madame set her up on a date with none other than the undead. She now walks the night in search of what? Revenge!

Exotique 6

CG’s Finest: Exotique 6 Primed For Its Best Work Yet

Exotique 6

One of the world’s top digital art publishers is at it again. Ballistic’s much-anticipated Exotique 6 unveils the widest and most impressive array of CG characters yet. 

Featuring a variety of different genres and styles , the book is packed with double-paged images for the eye’s delight. In addition, it also features over 90 mind-blowingly detailed full page images to take in. And in true Exotique tradition, this edition showcases character artwork of over 90 rising artists in the industry. It’s a feature that ensures that every edition is fresh and flush with new talent to enjoy.

The book is available both in soft cover or special addition format, which is bound black leather, with gold metallic embossing (It looks every bit as stunning as it sounds). Giving you a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the creative process, buying any edition of Exotique 6 will give you to a free 20-minute video download walkthrough of Ruoxing Zhang creating her majestic painting, “Chang_e”.

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