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Starno Art Booklet

By Bryan Liquornik

Release date: December 05, 2010
Language: English
Pages: 32 
Soft Cover: 32.79$
Hardcover, Dust Jacket: 45.44$
Hardcover, ImageWrap: 46.59$

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Matsuoka Heshiroa

Matsuoka Heshiroa

Starno Art Booklet

Drawing on his 10-plus years of experience in feature films, commercials and television.

Starno Art Booklet

When You’re watching a feature film at the theatre or on the couch, nestled in your Snuggie and munching on Wong Tong noodles. You then stop to marvel at a breathtaking scene. It might be a spaceship zipping across a busy city skyline, leaving a clear exhaust that cuts through the smog. Or it might be a vast winding canyon, the blazing sun bringing out its chiseled detail. In any case, don’t be surprised if artist Frederic St. Arnaud had a hand in it.

Drawing on his 10-plus years of experience in feature films, commercials and television, “Starno Art Booklet” compiles some of his best in matte and concept art work. St. Arnaud’s work has been featured in movies such as ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull‘, ‘Sin City’ (A personal favourite) and ‘The Golden Compass‘, which won an Academy Award in 2008 for best visual effects. 

Along with showing his finished work, the book also includes before and after images as well as a number of tutorials. All work is showcased on premium paper with a lustre finish. The book is perfect for any artists looking for a daily dose of inspiration and looks to be a welcome addition to any fan collection.

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