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RoboCop ED-209 Collectible


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RoboCop ED-209 Collectible

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RoboCop ED-209 Collectible

For any ‘RoboCop’ buff, the scene is unmistakeable: The boardroom of shadowy megacorporation OCP’s ‘Security Concepts’ division. It’s within its walls that young executive and ‘yes-man’ Kinney volunteers to be the “arrest subject” of the company’s latest creation: Tall, dark, ‘peace-keeping’ machine, the ED-209. Unfortunately for Kinney, a malfunction caused the ED-209 to go haywire, blasting him to kibbles n’bits.


It’s a marvellously-violent scene that gave rise to the classic film trilogy. And thanks to the talented team at Chronicle Collectibles, OCP’s marauding-machine can be yours. The beautifully-detailed replica is both crafted and signed by its original creator, famed special-effects animator Phil Tippett. Every nook and cranny, from ED-209’s three automatic cannons, down to the grated platform, are true to the original creation that terrorized RoboCop throughout Detroit City. For any collector, you have 20 seconds to comply and pick up this awesome piece!



Dimensions: 14.5″H x 15″W (with base)

Includes: detailed OCP (Omni Consumer Products) logo case with display plaque signed by Phil


Artist: Phil Tippett


Licensor: ROBOCOP TM & © 1987 Orion Pictures Corporation. ©2014 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Price: $1,200 plus shipping (limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide)

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