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D’artiste Fashion Design

By Max.C

Release date: 18 novembre 2011
Language: English
Pages: 192
Hard Cover: 75$
Special edition: 170$

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Brad Rigney

Brad Rigney

Once a mild-mannered, casual artist content with doing portraits of his friends' table-top RPG characters; Brad Rigney soon descended into an endless, maddening obsession to be the best digital illustrator he could become after being exposed to the cosmic, mind bending talents that lay within the Conceptart.

D’artiste Fashion Design

Fashion Design presents four brilliant artists, namely Alessia Zambonin, Lois van Baarle, Annie Stegg and Anne Pogoda.

D’artiste Fashion Design

Picture this: you’ve just finished drawing your new character’s face and body structure, the design is looking awesome, you’re feeling super proud. However, lurking around the corner is one of the most feared parts of your illustration Often described as one of the trickiest parts of character creation, the clothing/costume aspect challenges the artist in many ways, especially in making the designs fit the character. Colors and shapes are very important. Creativity and originality are crucial. After all, who wants to present a bland and unmemorable character?

Let’s not forget that clothing design or ‘’fashion design’’ is a form of art on its own and a skill that more often than not needs to be learned and studied. If, like most people, you never had a chance to study this specific form of art, today is your lucky day: Ballistic Publishing just released their brand new art book, Fashion Design. 

Fashion Design presents four brilliant artists, namely Alessia Zambonin, Lois van Baarle, Annie Stegg and Anne Pogoda and follows them through precise and detailed tutorials. These step by step lessons are sure to be very helpful in your next project and offer a privileged glimpse into their own collection of art work. The book also features work from an invited artist, which brings a different perspective and complements well the information already provided. 

These tips and tricks will help anyone looking to perfect their art and give a fresh life to their character work. Fashion Design contains 192 pages and is offered in two versions: Hardcover edition for: $75 and the special edition for $170. 

The book is available to order. Now go put some clothes on that naked character!

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