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Odyssey by Mauricio Herrera

Artist: Mauricio Herrera

Release date: 2011 

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Adrianne Tamar Arachne

Adrianne Tamar Arachne

Adrianne is a Boulder-based visionary artist who pulls glowing lights, bohemian musings, bioluminescent innovations, and surreal dimensions from the ethers. Her technical abilities merge with her deep spirituality and shamanic relationship to the earth to form her unique style.

Odyssey by Mauricio Herrera

Looking to hunt a fire breathing dragon?

Odyssey by Mauricio Herrera

Looking to hunt a fire breathing dragon? Or maybe counting the days until the full moon to capture a deadly werewolf? Well, you came at the right place! Odyssey, the newest artbook from Mauricio Herrera, is now available and is packed with numerous creatures of all kinds to boost your inspiration! 

Mauricio’s Odyssey is an 80 pages artbook filled with colourful illustrations and beautiful sketches from a wide range of creatures and characters from his unique universe. The book is now available to order and depending on where you're ordering from, the price ranges from $22 to $33, including shipping. Trust us, this book is solid material and as an added bonus, you get to support an outstanding artist on his journey. 

Don’t wait and hit the link below to start your very own odyssey!

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