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By Bryan Liquornik

Release date: Aug 9 2011
Language: English
Pages: 112
Hard Cover: 99.00$
Limited Edition: 150.00$

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- Order on Ballistic Publishing
- Philip Straub Official Website
- Utherworlds official website

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Wicked Realm: Philip Straub Brings Utherworld to Life


If you’re not someone who believes that good things come to those who wait, then you clearly don’t know Philip Straub. A project six years in the making, Straub takes reader immersion to another level with his fantasy graphic novel ‘Utherworld’, courtesy of Ballistic Publishing. 

While Straub’s art pieces – honed from his more than 17 years in the industry – are impressive and showcase astonishing color work, it’s really the story elements that give his images new life. ‘Utherworld’ follows character Lucas Sellers through his journey across the Nightmare and Dream realms. Replete with detailed maps, back stories, hidden messages within the images, an interactive website and even a soundtrack to accompany you in this fantastic adventure, ‘Utherworld’ promises the reader an experience like no other. 

Utherworlds is now available to order and should be a welcome addition to any art enthusiast’s collection.

As seen on Ballistic Publishing:
Utherworlds takes the graphic novel to a new level of presentation with each page of the book covered in paintings and illustrations which immerse you in the quest of Lucas Sellers. The journal-style pages feature ornate parchments and detailed trinkets that draw you into the story and carry meaning that you might only find on the second or third reading. At 10” x 15”, Utherworlds presents Philip Straub’s artwork like never before. 

Each painting in the book becomes a matte painting that you peer into rather than simply flick through like a normal book. Each spread of Utherworlds is a visual feast that can be appreciated as beautiful artwork, or studied in combination with the journal entries to find deeper levels of meaning within the story.

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