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S Artbook Vol. 1

By: Bryan Liquornik

Publisher: Ediciones Babylon

Pages: 160
Height 33 cm
Width 23.5 cm

Hardcover: €26.00
Softcover: €17.95

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Artist Showcase
Nguyen Hoang Gia

Nguyen Hoang Gia

S Artbook Vol. 1

Spain Shines in ‘S Artbook’

S Artbook Vol. 1

If Spain hasn’t received its proper recognition as home to some seriously talent ed artists, that has quickly changed with S Art book. Publisher Ediciones Babylon has helped take a small non-profit group whose aim is to give Spain’s budding artists a more visibility available for the shelf of any art fan. Taking a closer look at its contents, they’ll be any many lining up for a copy.

What the reader will appreciate as they flip through each of its 160 pages is how each theme and color concept flows nicely into the next, creating a seamless experience pleasing to the eye. So whether it’s Mara Nael’s bright dreamlike, pastel-infused images, Sergi Brosa’s futuristic funk or Javier Pacheco’s bursting bright contrasts, it’s one quality work after another. This book is a must of any artists looking for some serious inspiration!

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