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S Artbook Vol. 1

By: Bryan Liquornik

Publisher: Ediciones Babylon

Pages: 160
Height 33 cm
Width 23.5 cm

Hardcover: €26.00
Softcover: €17.95

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Odyssey by Mauricio Herrera

Odyssey by Mauricio Herrera

Odyssey, the newest artbook from Mauricio Herrera, is now available and is packed with numerous creatures of all kinds to boost your inspiration!

S Artbook Vol. 1

Spain Shines in ‘S Artbook’

S Artbook Vol. 1

If Spain hasn’t received its proper recognition as home to some seriously talent ed artists, that has quickly changed with S Art book. Publisher Ediciones Babylon has helped take a small non-profit group whose aim is to give Spain’s budding artists a more visibility available for the shelf of any art fan. Taking a closer look at its contents, they’ll be any many lining up for a copy.

What the reader will appreciate as they flip through each of its 160 pages is how each theme and color concept flows nicely into the next, creating a seamless experience pleasing to the eye. So whether it’s Mara Nael’s bright dreamlike, pastel-infused images, Sergi Brosa’s futuristic funk or Javier Pacheco’s bursting bright contrasts, it’s one quality work after another. This book is a must of any artists looking for some serious inspiration!

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