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Discover: Casey Love

Written By Bryan Liquornik
Special thanks to: Casey Love

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Discover: Casey Love

Uncovering Extraordinary Talent

Discover: Casey Love

Whether playing the latest action video game to unwind from work or enjoying a movie on the weekend, there is no shortage of stunning imagery to get our hearts pumping: The bloodthirsty monster terrorizing the town, eyes bulging, crooked teeth protruding, its screams making you squirm in your seat. Or, unbelievable special effects in the latest video game that has your palms in a cold sweat. Well, behind these and many other stunning scenes are talented artists whose work brought them to life.

Why wait until the closing credits to meet them? This is what Slixart's ‘’ Uncovering Extraordinary talent’’ series is all about: Showcasing the talent and awesome imagination of the artists in the movie and video game industry who help create these universes.

The first featured artist is someone who's extraordinary talent might have played a part capturing your imagination...or nightmares. Today's featured artists is Casey Love. 

Casey, who in an interview with ‘Horror Hound’ magazine, admitted that at the start “I wasn’t doing anything artistic at all”, obsessively honed his craft through hours of work a day, perfecting skills like casting, painting and sculpting needed to bring the most frighteningly awesome creations to life. The result? He is recognized as a top name in his field. He has worked with known names in the business like Steve Wang Patrick Tatopoulos and Guillermo Del Toro. His work has been featured in movies such as ‘Alien vs. Predator: Requiem’ (The ‘Predalien’), ‘Resident Evil 3’, The Thing and ‘Men in Black 3’.

In addition to his movie effects contributions, Casey offers his personally crafted masks and busts for collectors and fans alike. These one of a kind items have the same amount of detail and gore found in his movie works. Just check the Yeti below, incredible work. The items comes in all shapes and prices. Make sure to check out his store, totally worth it!


 If you could work on any monster, which one would you choose and why?

It would have to be one of my own creations. I love to create new Monsters from my imagination and inspirations. It is what I look forward to all the time. I am a creature-holic.

 Favorite monster of all time and why?

Thats a easy question, but would require a huge list. I grew up in the late 70-s early 80s so I will name a few of my favorite monster Makers as I love a lot of there work and the monsters they created remain some of my personal favorites of all time---Willis O'Brien, Jack Pierce, Ray Harryhausen, Rick Baker to name a top few. I also have a fascination with 50s, 60s and 70s comic book monster style art.

 Any tip or advice for an aspiring monster creator?

Yes, If you want to be a great creature designer, you have to understand it will take years and years of dedication and practice just like anything else you want to do in life. If you want to become a Pro Tennis player then you will need to practice and train everyday, well it is no different with sculpting and art-- you will need to practice and train everyday and work very hard and very long hours to achieve your goals.

 What’s next for Casey Love?

I never know and thats the exciting part, I am always working on new things whether it be a film project or my own personal art, things change weekly but there is never a shortage of monsters to create so I better get back to work.

Casey and his Frost Giant!

Personal Work: Innsmouth

Personal Work: Cyclops

Personal Work: Yeti

PREDATORS   09   (Sculptor / painter)

AVP REQUIEM 06 (sculptor / painter)

The Thing  (sculptor, designer, & painter)

BLOOD  (Concept sculptor)


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