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Adam Burn

Adam Burn

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Adam Burn

Adam Burn

Location: UK, Whitby
Tools / Software:
I currently use Photoshop CS4 and a Wacom Tablet with a custom built power house of a PC (Photoshop is very RAM hungry)
Language: I speak English and bad English

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I have roughly 7 years of Digital Art experience but a lifetime of traditional art experience having started to draw from an early age. I Have always excelled in art at school and once getting to University I began to mess around with Digital Art. I now work as a freelance artist working for clients such as Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games, as well as various authors and bands, as well as working on a graphic novel project started by myself and a good friend called Telikos Protocol. I worked for 2 years as Senior 2D artist for Taitale Studios working on a new MMORTS space game called Novus Aeterno where I was responsible for ship, environment and gameplay concepts.

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