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Raúl Treviño

Raúl Treviño

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Raúl Treviño

Raúl Treviño

Location: oMexic
Tools / Software:
Photoshop CS5 and Wacom Cintiq 12 wx
Language: Spanish & English

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Page views: 7011
Time supported: 16

| Biography

Raúl Treviño has been writing and drawing his web-comic Tinkers of the Wasteland since January 2010, his thing is to make his living doing his own comics. Although, he has been working on the comic industry for more than 10 years as colorist for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, EA Entertainment, Dark Horse, Les Humanoïndes Associés, Glénat and as an author by Norma Editorial publishing his trilogy the Dance of the Conquest.

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