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Danielle Marciniak

Danielle Marciniak

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Danielle Marciniak

Danielle Marciniak

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Tattoo Artist @ Muse Tattoo in Palmyra NJ
Tools / Software: Photoshop, Copic Markers, Watercolors Tattoo Ink
Language: English

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I am an avid tea-drinker, professional dabbler, mythology fanatic, and body art nerd. An Illustrator from the wilds of Central New Jersey that relocated to Philadelphia, I tattoo at Muse Tattoo in Palmyra, NJ. Coming from an Art school background with a degree in Illustration, I started my apprenticeship in April of 2011 & officially became a tattoo artist in October 2012. In addition to my tattoo work, I develop illustrations and product lines of my art such as diecut stickers, drink coasters, acrylic keychains and more.

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