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Mauricio Herrera

Mauricio Herrera

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Mauricio Herrera

Mauricio Herrera

Location: Mexico
Tools / Software: Photoshop CS5
Language: English, Spanish

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| Biography

Mauricio Herrera was born in 1975 in La Serena, northern Chile. He has been working as an illustrator since the age of 19. He began publishing work for Visual Editions, creating Diablo, the first comic book in Chile to use computer coloring. 

In 1999, Mauricio developed for TCG the stunning game Myths and Legends, a project which would land him the position of graphic editor. His task would include designing a unique visual style and assembling an amazing artistic team. 

Since then he has done artwork for various projects and multiple companies, including work in the video game industry. Some of his work can be seen in titles such as God of War Chains of Olympus, Soul Calibur for TCG, Tekken for UFS and the stunning role playing game Pathfinder. 

Mauricio Herrera is presently working on concept work for the video game and publishing industry.

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