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Tariq Raheem

Tariq Raheem

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Tariq Raheem

Tariq Raheem

Location: United States, LA
Tools / Software: Photoshop
Language: English

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| Biography

Tariq Raheem is a digital illustrator with over ten years of freelance and production house experience ranging from, computer game development, film & TV production and music video & TVC (Television Commercial) production. He has been presented in Spectrum 12 as one of the years best for the November 2004 cover issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. Tariq has also been showcased and interviewed by ‘Imagine FX’ magazine.

As well ,he has been the recipient of a 'CG Choice Award' from the world's largest Digital Art forum, CG Talk , Tariq worked on Interplay's international game of the year Fallout: Tactics and on the fourth season of the number one UK & US sci-fi series Farscape as lead concept artist.

He has also had a myriad of story boarding and concept art experience for various productions, ranging from television advertisements to music videos. In 2006 Tariq was contracted by the game company ' Ninja Theory '. as their Cinematic Story board Illustrator for their launch title 'Heavenly Sword'. One of the premier games for the new Playstation 3 console by Sony. Currently Tariq continues to freelance successfully and exhibit his work via art forums such as Deviant Art and Concept The purpose of this site is s to showcase his work to the world, so have a browse through the various galleries and if you wish to contact Tariq about commissioned work please email him.

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