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Tiago da Silva

Tiago da Silva

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Tiago da Silva

Tiago da Silva

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Tools / Software: Photoshop
Language: English, Spanish

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Hello, my name is Tiago da Silva, I’m a professional illustrator for 10 years, I’m also teaching Illustration in a professional school. I was born and live in a small Mediterranean city in Portugal. 

The works I've produced over these years go to very wide range of fields from editorial, advertising, videogames, TV, cinema and comics. 

In the most recent years I had my work recognized in books and magazines. My recent award was to enter in Expose 8 book from Ballistic and a reference in the world of Digital Painting. Just to point the most significant publications, entered in the Darkstalkers Tribute book ( it was trough a contest worldwide), The Big book of contemporary illustration, Digital Painters 2, Dragon Art book, and participations in the magazines Imagine FX, Advanced Photoshop and 2D Artist, also did some tutorials for a book and those magazines.

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