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J.P. Targete

J.P. Targete

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J.P. Targete

J.P. Targete

Location: Texas, United States
Tools / Software: Photoshop
Language: English

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JP Targete has been creating art for a long time. He started out as book cover illustrator doing fantasy and sci-fi traditional paintings for publishers like Tor books, Warner books, Bantam, Berkley books and many more. He decided to try his skills at concept art and has worked in film and games ever since. 

His list of clients include Marvel entertainment, Relativity Media, NCsoft, Sega Japan, Imagine FX and the Gnomon workshop where he created his popular art instructional videos entitled "Imaginative illustration with JP Targete".

JP has also worked on comics including "The Rising" from Radical comics. 2011 and beyond holds great excitement as JP is back to freelancing and working on multiple projects including comics, films and games, so stay tuned for more work from this inspiring artist.

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