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Corlen Kruger

Corlen Kruger

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Corlen Kruger

Corlen Kruger

Location: South Africa
Tools / Software: Photoshop
Language: English

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2011 Halloween Artist Award
2012 Halloween Artist Award

- GrindHouse Poster Art

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| Biography

South African-born, award-winning Corlen Kruger has a deserved reputation as a concept artist of considerable flair and talent. Educated at the University of Pretoria, Corlen worked for I-Imagine Interactive, becoming Lead Artist, before moving to the UK to work with Digi-Guys.

He eventually moved north from London to work as a concept artist for Midway’s Newcastle Studio. When Midway folded, Corlen joined other artists from the studio at Atomhawk Design, a company that is already making a hugely positive impact on the industry. Corlen has since returned to South Africa, where he continues to be busy. Release dates are catching up, and his character concept work on the most recent Mortal Kombat console game (2011 version) can be seen on his website.

Corlen’s work has graced magazines and DVD covers, and his website is a treasure trove of the weird and wonderful (and the distinctly, divinely NSFW). It features shots of old horror and weird fiction magazines he’s uncovered, as well as old 8mm film reels. Corlen wears his love of crazy ‘exploitation’ and schlock-horror cinema on his sleeve, and its influence on his sumptuous work is clear

Some Image may contain nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

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