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Daryl Mandryk

Daryl Mandryk

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Daryl Mandryk

Daryl Mandryk

Location: Canada, Vancouver 
Tools / Software: Photoshop
Language: English

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December 2010 is hosted to an inspirational artist of the month. What's would set him a part is his different art style and techniques that bring life into his illustrations. His stunning imagination brought him to work for multiple businesses in the industries, including the legendary Lucasfilm studio. It's with a warm welcome that we introduce: Daryl Mandryk 

Daryl has been working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, first as a 3D modeler and texture artist, then making the transition to a full-time concept artist. After contributing to many projects at EA and later Disney Interactive, Daryl became a freelance artist in 2010. His list of clients include Blur Studios, EA, Dark Horse comics, Lucasfilm, and Imagine FX magazine among others. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he is constantly drawing, painting, and drinking coffee

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