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Loopy Dave

Loopy Dave

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Loopy Dave

Loopy Dave

Location: Australia
Tools / Software: Photoshop
Language: English

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Loopydave likes to draw and paint - its both his chosen profession as a freelance illustrator and also his hobby as one of those kooky creative types. This doesn't leave much time for hang gliding, cow wrangling or admiring his fine collection of small plastic objects, but they are the sacrifices he makes for his art. 

He lives in Australia, which, contrary to popular opinion, DOES NOT mean he walks around upside down or wears a loin cloth made from koala pelts. His work has appeared in magazines, books, billboards, tv advertising, but most importantly, on his mothers fridge (admittedly he was much younger then) and he's been illustrating long enough to know that doing a job for the 'excellent exposure' is never really a good idea.

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