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Winsor McCay - Little Nemo

By Max.C


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Winsor McCay - Little Nemo

100 years ago...

Winsor McCay  - Little Nemo

Today's animated short are simply mind blowing, every week a new gem is being released. The market is overflowing with these masterpieces of visual art, making hard by time to have the wow effect we used to have when they were rare or almost non-existent. This brings us to the past a 100years ago, when animated short were not as defined and precise, as they are today. We want to share with you the animated short that made a difference and defined the genre back in 1911. Little Nemo.

Winsor McCay was the artist who pushed the envelope back in 1911 with is first short film named Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist, or as it's usually referred to Little Nemo. McCay was not the first one to release an animated short, but the one who would be defining the industry. With a superior understanding of the medium and an impressive sense of details, McCay went all out to create Little Nemo by drawing 4,000 cels by himself. A good example is the details at the end of the movie when the Dragon walks away. A must see and a must share with friends.


Video Source: achaco Youtube Channel

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