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Legendary Box

By: Max Couture

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Ghost in the Shell - New movie

Ghost in the Shell - New movie

Legendary Box

The finest Snes box art

Legendary Box

Rewind 20 plus years in the past when the internet was at it's beginning and video game review site were none existent. When buying or renting a game back then, meant to take a chance.
Video game companies had to use their finest marketing strategies; video game boxe art! Imagine, you walk into your nearest video store on a quest to fill your week-end with an action packed adventure using the mighty power of your Super Nintendo Entertainment system! Rule number one; everything mario, metroid, zelda, donkey kong rocks. Rule number two: If those are not available, find the coolest box art.

To be fair, several games with great box art were actually terrible and some with the weakest box art work could be the best. Zelda a link to the past is a great example, nothing crazy and one of the best game of all time. This article is about the artwork of some the most beautiful box art created during the snes era. Yes some of those games were terrible, however some are truly masterpiece...Power to the viewer!



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