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Samurai Strikes Back

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Monster Hunter Illustrations

Monster Hunter Illustrations

Brace yourself with your newly acquired Rathian armor, sharpen your deadly Tigrex tooth, gather your fellow hunters and get ready to enter the vast and dangerous world of Monster Hunter!

Samurai Strikes Back

Art of the Empire

Samurai Strikes Back

Blackout Brother are big fan of Star Wars,

To show their support to the beloved franchise, they unleashed the power of the force true art! (You get the point..)
Recreating the most famous helmet of the movie franchise into samurai helmet makes perfect sense and wow did they grasp the feel and style of the franchise. Our last hope is too see more of his work with different helmet and who knows maybe in a different style? Organic maybe?

Overall, this is solid work and Kudos to the artist. To see more, see link on the right and may the force be with you.



Bonus Unlocked: Blackout Brother - Skull Version




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