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The new Avengers

Nudtawut Thongmai Deviant Art Page

Artist Showcase
Serge Birault

Serge Birault

I paint lovely girls and shiny tentacles :)

The new Avengers

Avengers new female cast?

The new Avengers

Avenger assemble!

Nudtawut Thongmai has been in the art industry for 6 years+ and has already taken the world by storm with his beautiful character design. Nudtawut can create pretty much any type of character, making him a very versatile artist. You need a Demon? a Sexy version of Iron man? A serious thug for a serious criminal game? he can provide the work, no problem.

No wonder with all these skills he's coming at us with his own take on the Avengers. Brand new design and err..curves..  Let say, Thanos might have trouble keeping focus when he finally shows up for a fight. Looking forward to seeing more of his work on the mighty Avengers and the Marvel universe. (Bonus, check his C3PO-R2D2 Fan work, in a similar style.)

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