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Francesco Straface - Art Event

By Max C

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Starno Art Booklet

When You’re watching a feature film at the theatre or on the couch, nestled in your Snuggie and munching on Wong Tong noodles. You then stop to marvel at a breathtaking scene. It might be a spaceship zipping across a busy city skyline, leaving a clear ...

Francesco Straface - Art Event

A must see for all painting enthusiasm.

Back in October we had the chance to meet a very talented artist from Italy that had his work featured in Montreal for three days. We took this opportunity to ask a few questions and experience his vision.

Francesco Straface was born in Taranto, Italy in 1971 and where he went on to study art at the Lisippo Institute, graduating in 1990. In pursuit of his passion for art, Francesco moved to Rome, a city that inspired him and where he began to live his life as a painter. At the same time he was studying architecture, sociology and industrial design at La Sapienza University of Rome.Francesco was drawn to the study of chromotherapy. Fascinated by its potential to heal people through its ideology of balancing physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy through the use of color and light, he allowed these reflections on color therapy to permeate his technical and creative approach to painting. | Read full Bio on Official Website 

When creating your next painting, how do you start? 
I normally go free hand on every painting to be able to explain reality like I would do in a conversation. It’s easier to explain reality with images than with words. 

Where do you find your inspiration? 
I inspire myself from real life event and illustrate them into an abstract form. 

How do you like Montreal? 
I like Montreal very much, people are very nice. I think I would like to stay here! 

Thank you for answering our questions and taking the time to show us your gallery. 

Francesco Straface artworks are bursting with colors and a must see for all painting enthusiasm. 

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