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GrindHouse Poster Art

By Max.C

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Adrianne Tamar Arachne

Adrianne Tamar Arachne

Adrianne is a Boulder-based visionary artist who pulls glowing lights, bohemian musings, bioluminescent innovations, and surreal dimensions from the ethers. Her technical abilities merge with her deep spirituality and shamanic relationship to the earth to form her unique style.

GrindHouse Poster Art

Corlen Kruger has just released is brand new ‘’Grind House’’ poster collection.

GrindHouse Poster Art

You’re sitting in front of the screen, can't find the inspiration needed to create your next illustration, can’t find the motivation… You start looking at your blank walls and wonder why you never bothered putting something on them. Maybe being surrounded by the work of other talented artists could help with your lack of inspiration?

You remember that you used to like those grind house types of posters… but wait, aren’t those no longer being made? You start to wonder why you didn’t buy one back in the 70’s...or why your mom threw all of your dad’s old posters away! Where can one get a hold of one of those badass posters now? Friends, none other than Corlen Kruger is the answer to all your questions!

Corlen Kruger has just released is brand new ‘’Grind House’’ poster collection, featuring werewolves, sexy demon girls and walking-brain-eating-monsters. The posters range from $6USD to $30USD for superior quality print on Curious Metal Ice gold paper for extra shine (limited edition). Forget cheesy wallpaper, you know the only thing worth covering your walls is one of Corlen Kruger’s masterpieces. Now go hit the online store and get one for yourself

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