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Keu Cha's Hex The Lost Tribe

Artist: Keu Cha

Release date: 2012 
Sketch book available for purchase
Issue zero available for purchase

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Predator Jungle Hunter

Predator Jungle Hunter

Alright you action addicts, prepare to launch your sci-fi enthusiasm to the max!  An amazing limited edition collectible of the Predator Jungle Hunter has been discovered that’s so amazingly creepy it’d make Arnold Schwarzenegger run the other way!

This maquette collectible, produced by Sideshow Collectibles, is certainly a work of art. A collaborative piece done by twelve differ

Keu Cha's Hex The Lost Tribe

A once great land, now for decades steeped in darkness and decay.

Keu Cha's Hex The Lost Tribe

- Hex will be at the Pheonix Comicon May 24 to May 27 2012
- Heroes comic con June 22nd-24th
- Toronto Fan Expo August 23rd-26th
- (To be anounced) Dragon con August 31st-sept 3rd

Hex The Lost Tribe, the newest graphic novel published by Image Comics and created by the ultra talented Keu Cha known for his superb work on comic book series such as: Wichblade, The Darkness and X-Men to list a few. Keu Cha is now back for more action with the same dedication to the details and vibrant colors that we've grown to love.

The writer of Hex The lost tribe is the inspiring Chad J. Shonk. Award winning screenwriter of the independent film Dakota Skye. A product of the great states of Ohio and Georgia, he currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and dogs.

Stay tuned as we update the Hex - Headquarters with new informations, illustrations and exclusive details from the fantastic new world of Keu Cha's Hex The Lost Tribe.
Release date: Coming soon

A once great land, now for decades steeped in darkness and decay. A vast legion of undead soldiers, amassed from the remains of generations before, ravage the land. They are lorded over by an ambitious necromancer who will not stop short of domination over that is known.

LANA, princess of the last kingdom to fall before this unholy army, must flee her home and travel into the black heart of the growing necropolis that the rest of the realm has become. Out there amongst the ruin lies perhaps the only chance for the world’s salvation: the mythical, mysterious Lost Tribe, a forgotten band of powerful woman warriors and their beastly companions. 

Lana will come face-to-face with RUYN, the monster that has long haunted her dreams, a being consumed by his own uncontrollable rage. Does this creature hold the key to saving Lana’s people or will their encounter unleash an ancient evil capable of destroy creation itself?

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