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The Goon

Short by:
Blur Studio

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Blur Studio
Dark Horse - Goon

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Once upon a time in my mind

Once upon a time in my mind

What would you say is your definition of the dark world? A place where no light shines and only the toughest survive? Where sharp teeth, barbaric monsters, blood-thirsty aliens and amazons reign as kings and queens?

The Goon

Blur studio hunts the undead!

Vempire hunter you say? Well check out The goon, the ultimate zombie hunter!
Don't wait and check out the brain eating short below! 

From Blur:
Producer David Fincher and Blur are teaming up to bring The Goon, the Dark Horse comic book created by Eric Powell, to the big screen! Actor Paul Giamatti will lend his voice as Franky, the Goon’s sidekick as they face off numerous evil zombie gangs. "Even the undead fear--THE GOON!"

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