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Hex - Kickstarter goes live!

By Max.C

Keu Cha

KickStarter Page 

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Hex - Kickstarter goes live!

A story of mythic proportions is waiting for your support!

Hex - Kickstarter goes live!

The kickStarter you all have been waiting for is finally here: Keu Cha's HEX The Lost Tribe.

Keu Cha, artist of comic book titles such as Rising Stars, Witchblade and The Darkness, is  launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise initial funds for his first creator owned title, Hex The Lost Tribe. He will be self-publishing Hex under his imprint, Guerilla House Entertainment, LLC.

The Kickstarter campaign will offer the first glimpse of the complete artwork of the first issue of Hex. Pledgers to the Kickstarter campaign will have the opportunity to see Keu’s detailed pencilwork on full display in an exclusive oversize 52 page, black and white book as well as a standard size, colored book. Variant covers for the 1st Issue by veteran comic artists Joe Benitez and Randy Queen (of Lady Mechanika and Darkchylde fame, respectively) can also be had exclusively only through Kickstarter, as well as prints of Hex artwork by Billy Tan and Leinil Francis Yu. Special rewards include personal drawing sessions with Keu and original artwork by Keu Cha and Joe Benitez. There are many pledge levels full of goodies for fans to get in on the Hex action before its first official book release in stores.

Keu Chat took us through the possibilities and challenges that makes up the challenge of self-publishing a book, making your support for HEX so important. It's very interesting - and helpful - for anyone looking to take the step into a self-published project

• amount of work
-with the amount of detail that goes into managing, traveling, comic conventions, shipping, webpage design, drawing, making sure the story is right, coloring, in design, lettering, and making sure everything gets done on time. With small crew this can get overwhelming.

• Comic conventions
- traveling to comic conventions do take a lot of time and is expensive but the rewards are great to promote our project and get reviews form y’all. But it does take a toll on time to create the project and our pockets.

• Working daytime job to support our project
- It has been a true challenge to work a daytime job to pay for my project and something I love doing.

• What is taking so long with the book
- working my daytime job to help push my project has been a uphill challenge. My daytime job takes me away from hex most of the week and the small amount of time I have, I focus all that extra time on Hex.

• Self publishing
- trying to self publish ourselves is a true underdog journey with no real studio big name behind our book. Learning the ropes and understanding printers, cost, connection with diamond and how they work is a lot to learn with a small team.

• why we need kickstarter?
At this point we need everybody’s support to get to the next phase. That is why we have kickstarter exclusive products. Without the kickstarter support we cannot move forward.

• Getting our priorities right
- Trying to make the right choice of self publishing and how to pursue it, which convention to attend, and what style we want for the book. • Using our resources wisely- Spending are money wisely on self promotions, printing the right books for the right price,

• Staying focused
- Staying focused on our project when times get tough. Juggling my daytime job to help pay for talent and help and staying creative at the same time.

• Developing the right relations
- Developing the right relationships with talent, printers, and diamond has been a challenge. Help from learning the ropes to get things printed and delivered on a timely matter.

• Staying focus
- Staying focus on what I want from my project creatively is a fraction of the pie when I have everything else to worry about like funding my own project with my daytime job. This one of many obstacles that I face in the challenges of creating my own creator owned.

Q & A with the Keu Cha, Hex Creator and artist 

Q. What is the reason for going through Kickstarter?

I’d really like to stay independent and self-publish. I’m one of those people that enjoy being fully involved in the creative and business process of publishing. Kickstarter will allow me to have a financial cushion prior to the book being released to the stores. 

Q. What Challenges have you come across?

This project has been one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced. Putting together a creator owned title is not as easy as I thought it would be. Being creative is almost easy compared to learning how to manage a team and direct a project to completion. It has been one crazyroller coaster ride and I just have to hold on tight and enjoy every moment of it. I do believe that having the first couple of issues completed will make the following process go by faster as we come into our creative stride.

Q. How has the response been so far from all the comic cons?

The response from everyone has been very positive and motivating to me. As artists shackled to our drawing and/or computer tables in a dimly lit room (at least for me), we sometimes beat ourselves up too much about what we haven’t accomplished and we sometimes forget that there is another world out there that just really appreciates what we do.

Q. What is taking so long?

I want to thank all of our fans and supporters for being so very patient with us. One of the perks of being creator owned is I have full control of what I want to do. It also means I push myself a lot more creatively. As you can see in my pages, I put a lot of love into this book. I will not settle for less than 100%. This is my baby and I want to represent it in the best way possible. My motto is quality over quantity. I want to make this a book that I can be proud of and my readers can really enjoy not only for its visuals but in the awesome storyline.

Q. What are your plans for solicit dates?

We want to solicit the first book in April with a release date in July. This will likely be a bi-monthly book.

- Keu Cha needs support to unleash HEX The Lost Tribe. Check out the link below and see how you can help and what perks will you be getting! 

See you on the KickStarter page!

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