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Tariq's short films of the week!

By Tariq Raheem

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- The gift and Gaikai Official website
- Rosa Offcial Website

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Brett Parson

Brett Parson

Born and raised in the backwoods of Massachusetts, Brett Parson has spent the better part of the past decade drinking beer, watching movies, and working as a freelance cartoonist. Combining his love of drawing cute girls, deformed monsters, and sleazy superheroes to create an over the top cartoon world, that reflects the cult films, comic books, posters, and Saturday morning cartoons he grew up with.

Tariq's short films of the week!

Killer films for your inspiration!

Tariq's short films of the week!

What does a giant robot, a sexy android and a unicorn have in common? They will jump-start your inspiration in less than 15minutes!
Super talented artist Tariq Raheem, dive into the world of animated short and introduce three short films that are worth watching.

| Tariq Raheem is a digital illustrator with over ten years of freelance and production house experience ranging from, computer game development, film & TV production and music video & TVC (Television Commercial) production. He has been presented in Spectrum 12 as one of the years best for the November 2004 cover issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. Tariq has also been showcased and interviewed by ‘Imagine FX’ magazine. Click here to dinf out more on Tariq Raheem -

  First Short | Trailer -  Gaikai The Movie


 Second Short  -  The Gift


 Third short  -  ROSA


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